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ummerce is a social webshop with
the vision to create more equality
between production workers and
consumers in the market

We follow this vision by supporting
charity and by collaborating with
suppliers that share the same vision
and values

how does it work?

step 1

We choose the correct suppliers.

Our partners and suppliers fulfill the following requirements

Respect human rights

Respect the environment

Pay minimum salary

Ensure high quality

Ensure comfortability

Fleximax is a Spanish company who respects and follows the Human Rights Act made by the European Convention. The fundamentals of the Human Rights Act is to protect the workers’ rights and freedoms. Fleximax offers their workers multiple opportunities to let them have a healthy work and private life. For instance, the workers are allowed to take some days off under special occasions. Like 15 days off when getting married, 2-5 days off if they are giving birth to a child, having death in family or a critical illness. 4 days off pr. year is also allowed for other personal tasks and student workers can take some days off during their exams. Furthermore, Fleximax offer minimum 16 weeks of maternity leave, violence gender protection, 30 days of holiday each year, full coverage of security and medical expenses and a trade union representative at the workplace.

Fleximax is considered an environmental friendly company who follows the European regulations and has its production in Europe. Fleximax meets the following terms to respect the environment: 1. Meets the Spanish regulations for the quality of air and atmosphere at the workplace. 2. Guarantees that the substances used in production do not create an adverse impact on the environment or the workers’ health. 3. The water residues have no impact on the humans, the air or the nature. 4. Guarantees that the workers are not exposed to high levels of noise or odour. Furthermore, by focusing on having local production, do also support the local communities that they are operating in.

Fleximax pays more than the minimum salary. In 2016 the minimum salary in Spain is 764.4 Euro pr. month. Fleximax is a large company who has many different job positions. Therefore do the monthly salaries vary from 972.17 to 1872.68 euros. The workers is provided with a max. hour pr. year being 1792 hours in 2017. Furthermore, the workers is allowed to max. work 10 hours pr. day. Usually the workers work 8 hours a day with 25 min. paid break. Extra or night work hours is covered with additional 25% paid salary and the workers get a full month of salary despite holidays in July and December. Fleximax also pays 0.024 euros*km to every employee living more than 2 km from work. Additionally, the workers gets one work dress pr. year.

Fleximax has produced shoes since 1985. All products produced by Fleximax is handmade and produced in high quality. They are produced by old Spanish techniques, which has been developed through generations. The shoes are produced in genuine first class cow leather and is available in multiple colours and sizes. The cow leather makes the shoes very durable with a soft surface. All the shoes are provided with a removable insole and the lining is made of genuine leather. It is also possible to choose between shoes with or without leather laces. The products are made in timeless design and produced for different occasions. Fleximax has made three types of quality shoes being casual, event and work shoes.

Not only has the shoes form Fleximax been made in high quality, they have also been made with great focus on comfortability. The shoes are formed so the material follows the natural curves of the foot. The cow leather makes the shoe very soft and breathable. The insole is made of latex foam, which also makes the shoes very soft and comfortable. The outer sole is also made of solid gummi, which makes the shoes slip resistant and cushioning. Generally, make all the various materials, which are carefully selected by Fleximax, a very comfortable and durable shoe that can be used for different occasions.

step 2

You can buy the products in our webshop at a fair price.
With 5% of the value of each product sold,
we support charity projects.

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step 3

The money dedicated for donation is collected in the donations pot.
Twice a year, the money in the pot will be split according to
your vote and goes directly to the projects.

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